Elly Nesis Company Inc.

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We have been part of the property management industry since 1993. Our extensive knowledge and experience has allowed us to succeed in all aspects of property management throughout the California area. For this reason, we are expanding our portfolio into North Hollywood! The same property management services that our clients benefit from elsewhere will also be offered in North Hollywood, so we encourage you to call today for your free property management quote.

We understand that managing a property can be difficult and time consuming, since most property owners have other day jobs. We’d love to take your investment property out of your mind and out of your hands. Let us so what we do best by managing your property and converting it into a management success!

As your property management company in North Hollywood, we are currently offering:

  • Full Credit Checks for all tenants and prospective tenants
  • Vacancy Marketing/Showings
  • Rent Collection & Financial reporting
  • Maintenance & Repairs

What makes Elly Nesis different from other property management companies that service the North Hollywood area?

We have the unique ability to make your property management visible and appealing to prospective tenants. We offer complete property management services so you will never have to think about your investment property again—only for when you cash the check!

If you are looking for a property management company to manage your North Hollywood home, contact us today. You won’t regret it!


One of the largest full-service property management companies in Los Angeles. Our property management company focuses on providing excellent service as is proven by our many satisfied tenants and owners. We provide the most beautiful properties and supply property management that includes maintenance and repairs, renovation services, rent collection and leasing for
commercial and residential properties in the Greater Los Angeles area.