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What Property Management services does Elly Nesis offer?

  • Accounting: Collecting of all rent owing for the Premises. Depositing said rents to a trust account opened in our name on your behalf. Paying all expenses due the Premises from said account. Providing via email or regular mail a month end statement detailing the inflows and outflows out the account. Disbursing a net income check on a monthly basis.
  • Tenant Relations: Executing all rental agreements in our name on your behalf. Serving all notices and responding to all complaints. Serving rent raises and notices on Residents. All communication with the Residents.
  • Maintenance: Instructing all maintenance technicians on needed repairs, issuing work orders and obtaining bids as necessary. 24-hour maintenance emergency response. Our sister company Glasgow Maintenance provides all essential maintenance repair services.
  • Leasing: Maintaining all advertising. Showing all units. Performing credit checks on all applicants and obtaining proof of income and photo identification.

How does Elly Nesis Co. leasing differ from other Property Management companies?

Elly Nesis reviews all prospective rental applications. He signs all reviews and signs all leases. For buildings with less than 16 units, our leasing professional shows the units. They are also in charge of advertising, including posting the vacancy list on our website, Craig’s List and other online services. For buildings with greater than 16 units the on-site manager shows the vacant units. The on-site manager is required to hold open houses on the weekend and during the week as well as show vacant units by appointment. This personalized approach allows us to aggressively pursue prospects and rent units as quickly as possible. All showings are done by a live person. No picking up keys by prospects to show themselves. Elly Nesis Co. also boasts the most extensive website and best software in the industry, which allows for quick communication between all departments. When we receive notice that a tenant is vacating, our property manager sends notice to the entire company. In turn, leasing and maintenance collaborate to determine the rent-ready work that needs to be performed to make the turnaround time for leasing units most efficient.

What is the average turnaround time for leasing units?

Elly Nesis prides itself on quick and efficient turnaround time for leasing vacant units. Upon notice of a tenant vacating, we immediately place the unit on our vacancy list and begin the leasing process. We place ads in local newspapers, online and on our exclusive website which boasts above average unique hits per day. It is not unusual for a unit to be rented before the prior tenants move out.


One of the largest full-service property management companies in Los Angeles. Our property management company focuses on providing excellent service as is proven by our many satisfied tenants and owners. We provide the most beautiful properties and supply property management that includes maintenance and repairs, renovation services, rent collection and leasing for
commercial and residential properties in the Greater Los Angeles area.