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Phone: (310) 396-4443


frequently asked questions for tenants

Access Resident Portal

In case of fire or flood or other major emergencies, please dial 911. Other maintenance emergencies can be reported to our 24 hour maintenance emergency line at (310) 396-4443

You will only be billed for repairs if the repair was a direct result of actions that were the tenant’s responsibility.

If it is during normal business hours you can come into our offices and, upon verifying identification, receive another set of keys for $5 per key. If it is after hours, you can call the emergency line and we will send a maintenance person to let you into your unit. There is a charge for after hours lock outs.

Elly Nesis Company has been in business over 15 years. Most of our maintenance personnel have been with our company for several years! During this time we have not had a single complaint about theft in any of the units we manage related to our maintenance workers.

Only if initially approved by the maintenance staff.

All leases are for a minimum of one year unless otherwise noted.

No. We do not allow tenants to sublet their apartment

No. You must be approved for an apartment on your own merits and creditworthiness

No. unless otherwise noted

All of the Elly Nesis properties are smoke free, we do not allow smoking anywhere on the premises.

The standard penalty is three months of the rent. We understand that there are instances or emergencies that occur so we take these on a case by case basis.

Contact the leasing or property management departments at least 30 days before he/she leaves. Your new roommate must come in to our offices and fill out our rental application to determine whether he/she is a qualified candidate for the rental. The new tenant will be placed on the lease. According to your specific lease, there might be a fee involved. If you are not planning on adding a new rent, you are responsible for the entire amount of rent.

Your deposit is a joint deposit that remains with the unit until it is vacated. It is the responsibility of the new tenant or remaining tenant to give back the portion of the deposit to the vacating tenant. If you contact our property management department they can give guidance as to what deductions may apply. We only issue deposit refund checks when all the tenants are moving out.

Check, Cashiers Check, or Money Orders only..

Our security deposits are usually equal to a month’s rent plus $400.00. This is usually standard with most leases. A security deposit is insurance against anything that might go wrong in your unit while you are a resident. After the move-out inspection, we will determine who is responsible to bring the property back to the condition it was in prior to you moving in.

Systematic Code Enforcement Program (SCEP) was established to guarantee, through systematic inspections, that those who reside in rental units in Los Angeles have a safe, livable space which meets the City & State codes for habitability. The SCEP affects tenants who reside in units within boundaries of the City of Los Angeles, including the neighborhoods of Hollywood, Marina del Rey, Palms, & Venice. As of 1/1/2005, and all subsequent years, a landlord may collect the annual SCEP fee (for units subject to the Rent Stabilization Ordinance, RSO) from the tenant of the rental unit on a monthly or yearly basis.

No. If a tenant has not specifically paid the last month’s rent when he/she moved in, he/she must pay his regular rent during his last month of tenancy. However, a landlord may use the security deposit if the tenant defaults by not paying all of his rent before he moves out (Civil Code Section 1950.5 (b)(1).

A 24-hour notice is required and we will always notify you if we are to enter. This notification can be either verbal or written. However, in case of an emergency, the notice requirement may be waived.

If you detect a gas leak smell, call the gas co. immediately as they have a gas leak detector. They usually come out to the property quickly (within an hour) The Gas Co. number is 800-427-2200.

If you move in and your phone line does not work or you do not have a working phone jack, have you first discussed the matter with your phone carrier? If you haven't you should do that first. If the problem has not been resolved, then call maintenance and leave two numbers, a number where to reach you(tenant) and the number of the non-working phone line.

Please email or call someone in property management as installing certain types of cable or a satellite dish sometimes requires an extra security deposit and fulfilling all of the terms and condition in our “Satellite Addendum”.


One of the largest full-service property management companies in Los Angeles. Our property management company focuses on providing excellent service as is proven by our many satisfied tenants and owners. We provide the most beautiful properties and supply property management that includes maintenance and repairs, renovation services, rent collection and leasing for
commercial and residential properties in the Greater Los Angeles area.